Rose and Oliver

Rose and Oliver had a diy garden party wedding and it was amazing.

Their intimate ceremony was at a local hotel, where there was quite a few tears from both the guests, Rose and Oliver and Meg, who was trying to keep it together from behind the camera. After the ceremony the guests went outside for popcorn and crisps, while we slipped away with Rose and Oliver to do some couple photos. Everyone then made their way to Rose’s Mum’s house for the garden party and afternoon tea. We really loved this part of the day. So much laughter, so relaxed, hula hooping guests, space hoopers, and then a big reveal of the most unique homemade wedding cake ever! The groom’s dad had spent weeks making the cake, which no one was allowed to see before the big day. The party then made its way down the street to a tiny village hall for dancing and a pizza delivery from the local take-away.

We absolutely loved being part of Rose and Oliver’s day. It really felt like we were there as guests because we had so much fun, and we drove home with our cheeks hurting from smiling so much.