The Harris Family

We recently had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Harris family at their home. Richard and Charlotte are old friends and we felt very honoured when they asked us to come and take some photos of their little family, to celebrate the arrival of baby Henry. Phoebe was an absolute star during the photo shoot, and we loved it when she showed us her collection of hats. She's such a great big sister and it was lovely to watch her cuddling Henry, we only had to stop her poking his eyes a couple of times! After taking some photos inside we followed Phoebe into the garden where she fed the chickens. Watching her with the chickens was both extremely cute and hilarious (no chickens were harmed during this photo shoot! They were very patient, used to being handled and actually seemed to quite like the slide haha)

Catching up with old friends and having the opportunity to photograph their beautiful children is pretty special.